BREEAM leakdetection and monitoring

The sustainability of buildings is in very high demand. In Europe, until recently, the requirements for sustainable buildings were not harmonised. By implementing the BREEAM system, a good assessment framework is available to determine the sustainability performance of buildings in an independent and unambiguous manner. The higher the BREEAM score the better the position of the building in the entire market supply. Credit points are granted on the basis of materials used and systems applied in accordance with BREEAM regulations. The higher the points score, the lower the operational costs of a building and the better its durability performance.

A BREEAM certificate demonstrates that it is a sustainable and high-quality building. This allows you to save on operational costs. An investment in sustainability is recouped by a reduction in energy costs, water savings and maintenance.

Our products are in accordance with BREEAM water credits WAT 02 and WAT 03, and BREEAM energy credits ENE 02. There are regulations for existing buildings and regulations for new construction or renovation. With the CADIS modules you get the necessary credit points at a minimum cost. More info on


There are 8 products that meet your choice:


Product reference: AQUAVISION CONTROL-DNxx
The Aquavision Control module monitors water consumption in your building and protects it against water leaks. It will cut your water bill by 20% and avoid costly water leak damage! The leak detection module is equipped with touch screen and build-in webserver, is available in diameters 1" to 4" and is applicable in every building. It is specifically designed to help achieve the requirements of BREEAM WAT 2 & WAT3. The Aquavision Control module is connected to the pulse output of the watermeter. This module monitors up to 3 main pipes or branches and will report any type of leak or water spillage. The water supply can be closed in the event of major leak problems to avoid water damage. For this reason an motorized shut off valve is supplied as a standard. We do supply, installation, setup and maintenance of this water monitoring and water leak alarm system.

Cadis Consumption Reporter

Product reference: CA-CCR
The CCR is a very compact module with touchscreen and webserver to measure all energy consumption.  All consumption data is recorded at regular intervals using either a wireless or hardwired connection, and stored in the module’s memory. This data can be consulted locally via the touchscreen, or remotely via a network. It is also possible to transmit data automatically to an FTP server, which allows data from a number of buildings to be monitored centrally.  What really sets this CCR module apart is that users can simply and rapidly create consumption reports.

Compact cooling gas detector and alarm

Product reference: CA-FR-MGS
For the detection of cooling gas leaks, where only 1 sensor needs to be placed, CADIS provides a highly efficient and compact gas detection system. It is a compact module including the semiconductor gas sensor, an alarm relay, a buzzer and also a Modbus RTU communication via RS485. For example, this module can be directly and easily linked to the buildings management system or another external alarm system.

Leak detection kit

Product reference: AS-LEAK-DNxx
This module can be added as a supplement to the MBV SAVER and MONI-SAVER.  Its function is to detect a leaking toilet or valve or other water spillage, and to report these to a building management system (and this even when the water feed has been interrupted!)


Product reference: MBV-MONI-SAVER
This module is placed if water consumption must also be measured and monitored in the sanitary blocks. The entire MBV-MONI-SAVER system consists of a special MBV-SAVER lock valve, a water meter with pulse, a leak detection kit AS-LEAK (to detect continuous leaks) and an electronic module SANIMOD-DIN. The electronic module controls the tap, records the water consumption and also the alarms of the leak detection kit, and prepares all consumption data and alarms in Modbusregisters so that a very easy connection to the building management system (BMS) can are realized. It is a module with web server for monitoring data and remote alarms. By placing this system, one obtains the necessary BREEAM points.


Product reference: MBV-SAVER-DNxx-S-220V
The MBV Saver stops all water wastage in wash rooms. The system consists of two separate parts: the mechanical part, the ball valve itself with a special electric motor mounted on top with gearbox and relay contacts

Refrigerant gas leak detection system

Product reference: CA-FR-MGS-CENTRALE-1-8
This cooling gas detection system from Cadis is very efficient and reliable. It will detect any gas leak in cooling systems quickly.  Via Modbus or alarm relays it can be connected to a buildings management system. The system consists of an alarm module on which up to 8 gas leak sensors can be connected via a cable.  The electronic sensors communicate via a 2 pair cable in Modbus RTU and are powered on 24 VDC (local or with separate power cable from the central output). Cadis provides complete cooling gas detection systems. When these systems are installed, you get the necessary credit points for BREEAM POL.


Product reference: SMART-SAVER-VALVE
The CADIS Smart Saver Valve with ref. SSV stops water leaks and waste on the pipe in which it is placed. At the same time, this system also records water consumption.       The electronic module of this SSV continuously measures and analyses the flow rate in the pipe and checks whether the water consumption is normal or not. If the consumption is no longer considered normal, this module will send an alarm email itself and if needed, stop the water supply. This can be configured by the user. In addition, the user can also register and monitor the water consumption in the pipe via this SSV system. All consumption information and also the alarms are kept in Modbus registers so that via a LAN connection this system can easily be linked to a building management system for applications in larger buildings.