Snow melting for ramps, access ways and footpaths

Product reference: HT-EM

Ice and snow on paths, loading zones, aisles, ramps, stairs and other access routes can cause major problems. They can even cause accidents and delays. Raychem surface heating solutions don’t give snow and ice a chance.

Cadis will help you choose the right Raychem nVent tracer cable, thermostats and installation equipment for this application in your project.


An nVent RAYCHEM system is a fast, reliable and easy-to-install solution for use in concrete, sand or asphalt. Each RAYCHEM heating solution is equipped with an intelligent operating and control unit, which provides practical user data and excellent energy efficiency. The multi-sensor operating and control unit (VIA-DU-20) can be used for all driveway snow removal solutions.

The systems include an “intelligent” control and monitoring unit, nVent RAYCHEM VIA-DU-20, which ensures economical energy consumption.