Snow melting and deicing of gutters and downpipes

Product reference: HT-RIM

Melting and refreezing ice can damage roofs and gutters. Heavy icicles can fall from gutters and cause injuries. Stagnant water can seep through interior walls onto furniture. raychem’s self-regulating snow de-icing system allows water to drain through gutters and downspouts. Melting ice and snow water thus drains off the roof, through the gutter and drainpipe.

Cadis will help you choose the appropriate nVent Raychem heat-tracing cable, thermostats and installation equipment to realize this application in your project.


Winter weather can pose unique challenges for commercial and industrial buildings, including the buildup of snow and ice on roofs and gutters. nVent RAYCHEM high-performance electric roof and gutter de-icing systems offer solutions to melt ice without disturbing the aesthetics of your building.

Self-regulating operation saves energy by automatically releasing more heat in ice water and less in dry air. The EMDR-10 intelligent control unit turns on the heating cable only when needed: after detecting both low temperatures and moisture.

The roof heating cables can be installed for different climates and are designed to handle severe weather conditions such as high wind speeds, low temperatures and heavy snow loads.