Lora Leak Sense Control

Product reference: Lora Leak Sense

The CADIS Leak Sense Control is a monitoring and control system for water leak detection. Placement of this system allows you to monitor and protect your building for leaks in multiple locations.

The use of wireless detection probes and wirelessly controlled taps makes this system very flexible and scalable. This system can be used standalone or in combination with in-line leak detection (Aquavision Control).

The system consists of 3 types of components:

A central monitoring module (A): This central module is responsible for the communication between the different components and provides the users with a web-interface to set up, manage and read out the system. When a leak is detected, this module will shut off the pipes feeding the leak (“the protected zone”) and generate alarms.

Wireless water leak detection probes (B): These probes detect the presence of water and communicate wirelessly with the central monitoring module. These probes are battery operated and can be easily placed. These probes can be placed in technical rooms, bathrooms or other places prone to water damage.

Wirelessly controlled MBV-Saver Taps (C): These taps are installed in the water supply pipes. These taps operate on a supply voltage of 230V and communicate wirelessly with the central monitoring module. When the central monitoring module receives notification of a leak, all taps in the affected zone receive a command to close. Importantly, these taps must be installed in such a way that they can never close the fire line.