Pipe freeze protection

Product reference: HT-ETL

Frozen pipes can be an expensive joke. When pipes are exposed to temperatures below zero, they can burst, causing significant damage. The pipe freeze protection system from nVent Raychem is an efficient a durable solution. The self-regulating heating cable, together with sufficient insulation, prevents water pipes, fire connections, sprinkler lines and fuel oil lines from freezing.

Cadis will help you choose the appropriate nVent Raychem heat-tracing cable, thermostats and installation equipment to realize this application in your project.


nVent RAYCHEM electric heating cable for water pipes prevents water from freezing in pipes, pumps and other equipment.

The self-regulating heating cable delivers heat where it is needed without worrying about overheating. The wide range of electric heat trace cables is versatile enough to be used in any type of commercial and industrial buildings.

The simple design of nVent RAYCHEM solutions provides a safe and easy-to-install system with proven energy savings over conventional constant wattage systems.