Sub Alarm Panel TTC-1

Product reference: TTC-1

Very simple alarm module on 24V DC voltage, wich is only used in combination with a FFS sensor, offers a simple and reliable option for liquid leak detection. It is designed for use with any TraceTek sensing cable, and can be integrated into a variety of monitoring systems. The TTC module includes three sets of relay contacts which can be used for remote annunciation and equipment control. A remote annunciation device is available. Designed for less complex situations, where a single piece of TraceTek sensing cable or a small number of probes or optical oil sensors are required. Ideally suited to monitoring for leaks around individual air-conditioning or air-handling units, water-cooled machinery, tanks, pumps, sumps, lift pits, generators or other locations. Designed to withstand more volatile conditions. Clips can be used to mount to a DIN rail.